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Open Source Platform Development

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Open Source Platform Development

As part of Application Security Assurance

About the client

The Client is a non-profit organization developing an open source identity platform that helps user organizations such as Governments implement a digital, foundational ID in a cost effective way, while embracing the best practices of scalability, security and privacy harnessing the power of open source.

The Problem

  • World Bank is  promoting Citizen Identity System to the citizens of under developed and developing countries.
  • The platform was supposed to be modular in architecture at the same time robust, secured and scalable for large populated countries to adopt it as a cost effective platform.
  • The application was supposed to be developed by using opensource technologies.  
  • The platform is to follow open standards, frameworks and full code disclosure to avoid vendor lock-in.

The Solution

  • We designed high level architecture of the core platform, along with data flow and data security.
  • We used open source language/DB  like Java, Spring Boot, Postgres, MinIO, Kubernetes etc 
  • We did HSM integration of AWS CloudHSM, nCipher and Safenet for key management standards using PKCS11 and JCE.

Value delivered

Built with open APIs to enable interoperability and promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation

Standard, world-class tech platform available for free, can be leveraged to keep cost of systems low

A reliable open source platform for identity system designed for easy integration

Extensibility with country-specific features using a microservices/API approach


Non-Profit Organization

Team Size



Java, Spring Boot, Kubernetes

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