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Application Security Assurance

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Application Security Assurance​

Businesses run on applications. Be it mobile or web or traditional desktop-based applications, each plays a key role in transforming the way business used to be done helping organizations achieve their strategic business objectives. But on the hind side, these crown jewels expose ways to access the organization’s resources, customer records, and all sorts of sensitive information. Should these be compromised, the impact on the organization will be detrimental from all aspects. Evolving business demands and customer expectations, the emergence of micro-services-based architecture, containerization, and cloud transformation, have given rise to a complex technological ecosystem for an application to be built and to operate.

This technological evolution increased the attack surface for the applications. But the need to deliver products at lightning speed often puts security on the back burner and most of the time the security checks required for the application to have the minimum level of assurance remain incomplete and inadequate. Cyberpwn’s “Application Security Assurance” service, takes a holistic approach to fix this issue not just by shifting left, but by starting left. Our Application Security Assessment offering is comprehensive and has full spectrum coverage of the technological landscape within which an application is built and operated.

What We Offer

Security Engineering​

With the rise in demand for complex applications and digitization of information, it is very difficult to balance security & user experience at the same time. With our years of experience, we help our customers develop applications securely at every stage of development, without having to compromise on user experience and agility.
DevSecOps is relatively a new domain and it aims to secure the DevOps framework while maintaining its velocity by making security everyone’s responsibilities. It integrates security seamlessly into existing CI/CD practice. Our DevSecops service follows the “Start Left” principle and ensures security checks are embedded at each stage of the DevOps lifecycle. We can help you identify the right set of DevSecops toolchain for SCA (Source Code Composition Analysis), SAST (Static Application Security Testing), DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing), Container Security and also get the products integrated into the DevOps lifecycle, followed by operational support to refine baselines. Or our involvement could be earlier to help you strategies and prepare for your DevSecops transformational journey.


Penetration Testing

Due to the complex environment, the pressure of compliance requirements, and the “zero-day” threats knocking on the door every now and then, Vulerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) has become an indispensable service for organizations. With over years of carefully polished security test execution and threat modelling methodologies, our penetration testing services reduce software risk with results that you can trust. Our consultative penetration testing services cover web applications and network devices. Having an in-depth approach, that goes beyond normal security scans, ensures that findings are accurate and risk prioritized with minimal false positives. Our team is capable of detecting the full spectrum of vulerabilities in both commercial and in-house applications across a range of operating systems and web application platforms.





Source Code Review

Secure code review is a process of manual and automated review of an application’s source code with a motive to identify security-related weaknesses in the code. Our experts use both the techniques to find and validate the vulerabilities in business logic and design, with zero false positives.

 Vulerability Management

Managing vulerabilities at an enterprise scale can be an uphill task. Regulatory mandates are making this task even more daunting. Our risk-centric Vulerability Management program can help you run your operations in a factory model, right from identification of vulerabilities to their remediation.

Mobile Security

Our mobile application penetration testing methodology covers both manual and automated assessments of mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows. The focus shifts from traditional application security, where the primary threat is from multiple sources over the Internet. The key difference is in the client-side security, filesystem, hardware, and network security. Traditionally for mobile applications, the end-user is in control of the device. Mobile app testing requires deep expertise, and it can’t be treated like any other web application.
Cyberpwn has developed its own framework for Mobile Application testing which covers OWASP top 10, CWE 25, reverse engineering, static code analysis, privilege escalation. application design flaws.

Cyberpwn Advantages

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Cyber Resilience

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Cyber Resilience

Digital transformation is happening at an unthinkable speed. Unprecedented times have led to new ways of working and given rise to heavy usage of teaming and collaboration platforms. Outsourcing services is happening at scale. The industry as we know it is going through an evolution. It’s a great opportunity for the industry to experience growth, but growth creates avenues for risks & threats. For the industry to remain on the growth trajectory, it has to be backed by a robust cyber resilience strategy, which ensures that the industry sustains negligible damage and gets back on its feet every time there is an impact. 

A constantly evolving business needs its cyber resilience strategy to run hand in hand and evolve along with it. We cannot have a next-gen business backed by aging cyber security programs. Our “Cyber Resilience” services, help you become more cyber resilient in this complex and evolving environment. We not only help you get prepared for cyber incidents and attacks through our SOC (Security Operations Centre) Consulting and IMR (Incident Management and Response) services, we also help you proactively identify gaps in your enterprise architecture and gain actionable intelligence with our Red Teaming, Social Engineering, and Threat Management services.

What We Offer

Red Teaming​

Cyberpwn’s “Red Teaming” service is carried out by highly skilful resources with a deep drive approach using proprietary algorithms and multi-blended real-world attack simulations. Our custom-made exploit codes and usage of innovative technique and technologies, helps organizations to find the most severe vulnerability in their assets. Our high-quality tailored approach helps customers to be more resilient to any future malicious attacks.

01Know the effectiveness of your security controls

02Understand the level of business risk/impact

03Train and prepare your internal team for any future attacks

04Identify the most critical vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them

05Mitigate your risk while minimizing your investments to build a solid security posture

Threat Management​

Our Threat Management methodology and threat hunting experts will help you identify pervasive threats proactively and respond with accuracy and efficiency. Our experts, help you reduce the noise of Threat Intelligence platforms and draw meaningful and actionable intelligence out to suit your needs. Our holistic approach, helps you reap maximum benefit out of threat intelligence, gain insight into the root cause of the incident, and hunt before being hunted. Talk to our experts and discover the steps to launch threat hunting capabilities.

Incident Management & Response​

SIEM has been at the forefront of cyber security for any organization. An industry-proven technology to manage incidents, gain insight into activities, and monitor behaviour anomalies. It forms the core of a SOC (Security Operations Centre) setup and the overall cyber incident management framework. Our “Incident Management and Response” service not only helps you set up your SIEM product from the ground up, but we also help you define and lay down processes to deal with cyber incidents throughout its life cycle. We go a step beyond and help you manage administrative functions of your SIEM platform, such as device integration, custom parser development, rule enhancement.

X-Gen SOC Consulting / SOAR Services

Implementation of SIEM, other security tools, and setting up a SOC are old-school techniques. Modern-day cyber attacks require a more efficient and automated way to deal with incidents. Organizations are working very hard towards reducing MTD (Mean Time to Detect) and MTR (Mean Time to Respond), by minimizing manual tasks and bringing in automation. SOAR helps eliminate slio in security operations and brings in collaboration and efficiency. Our “X-Gen SOC consulting” services, help you realign your priorities and transform the way traditional SOC used to function. We bring in the right set of people, processes, and products to bring in singularity in your SOC operations.

Social Engineering

Phishing, Spear-Phishing, Whaling, C-Level frauds, pretexting calls, and social engineering attacks are on the rise and continuously targeting the users of the organization to open the door. Attackers employ social engineering tactics to steal intellectual property, personal information, and other sensitive data like passwords, bank account details that can harm an organization’s reputation, revenue lost, legal action. Try out our customized real-life phishing exercises designed around your organization.

Why Cyberpwn

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Cyber Transformation

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Cyber Transformation

The industry is going through an era of digital transformation. Every day, new technologies are being adopted, an enormous amount of information is being processed, new partners are being onboarded, new ways of working are being devised, and so on. While the industry is experiencing new ways of doing business, it calls for maintaining a balance between opportunity and risk.

An organization must make proactive and risk-aware business decisions to stay ahead of the curve and enable growth. Cyberpwn’s “Cyber Transformation” services can help you become more risk aware by transforming your information security programs. We help you address your risk and compliance needs in a more efficient and effective way.

What We Offer

Digital Identity Governance

Businesses are growing and crossing geographical boundaries. This expansion results in exponential growth in terms of employees, gig-workers, service providers and so on. And this demands for seamless access to the resources without having to compromise the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) triad of any information or data that is being accessed. Authentication and authorization could be a tricky affair to deal with and could be overwhelming to manage the lifecycle of digital identities across thousands of assets. Management of Digital Identities must be well thought out and based on a scalable framework, ensuring access to the resources is secured. Our “Digital Identify Governance” service follows the “Zero Trust” approach and helps organizations transform their identity and access management program. This mechanism allows an authorized individual to access what he or she is entitled to access and when he or she needs to access.

Advisory & Risk Transformation​

We understand that businesses differ, so are the risk and compliance needs. Not having a robust risk management and governance framework often results in ineffective assessments, unreliable risk, and compliance posture reporting, non-harmonized risk communication across departments. Our Advisory and Risk Transformation service puts the business at the centre, while helping you derive, define and operationalize cyber risk management programs. Our domain experts have extensive experience in designing security frameworks having alignment with industry standards, region, and industry-specific regulations. With Strong technology experts backed by efficient functional SMEs, Cyberpwn offers a closed-loop approach to develop cyber risk management programs at scale.

01 Framework Maturity Assessment

02 Strategy and Program development

03 2nd Line of Defence Services

04 Technology Audit

05 Cyber Ops Support

GRC Technology Transformation

Increasing compliance mandates, technological complexities, and cultural diversification demand for a unified view of risk posture across the board. Organizations can no longer afford to have a siloed approach to this problem statement and expect it to be sustainable, self-reliant, and a budgeted affair. And this calls for a pragmatic approach for managing enterprise risk and being compliant with industry regulations. Therein lies the need for a holistic GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance framework). A robust GRC framework helps CIOs and CISOs strike a balance between protection and governance. But the dilemma often is the outcome of 3 problem vectors – Vendor Selection, Product Selection, and Budget. On one hand, the organizations struggle to select the right vendor to design and implement their GRC solution, and failure to do so leads to the failure of the entire GRC program. On another hand, the organizations come under tremendous pressure to implement GRC programs under a limited budget, and getting the right combination of an implementation partner and a product becomes a daunting task. Our “GRC Technology Transformation” service helps you transform your 3 LoDs (Lines of Defence) by bringing in a cultural shift within the organization and in the traditional way of managing risk and compliance.

01 GRC Advisory

02 Technology & Transformation

03Custom Integration

04 Managed Service

GRC Technology Transformation Methodology

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Cyber Education

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Cyber Education

Today the industry is fighting a two-front war. One, with the emerging and sophisticated cyber threats and another one with the widening up of “cyber skill gap” and severe resource crunch to deal with the adversaries. While technologies are being developed at a very fast pace to mitigate cyber threats, the number of resources required to operate on such technologies with relevant domain experience and expertise is not quite enough. Organizations go through a lot of hassle to get their cyber warriors up on their feet by spending a fortune on building training programs and platforms. But many fail to solve this demand vs supply equation.

Cyberpwn has realized the turmoil, the industry is going through and devised a unique “Industry Enablement Program”, not just to help experienced personnel get up-skilled but to prepare industry entrants on cutting edge cyber technologies, domains and processes, that are very much needed for an organization to defend, offend and become cyber resilient. Our “Cyber Education ” service covers most of the areas of cyber security and has a very modular and customizable approach to suit specific and generic needs of this industry. And most importantly, it ensures industry readiness of the resources with a very quick turnaround time. An enablement program, the way you need it and when you need it.

What We Offer

Product Security Training

This training program focuses on development and enhancement of skills required to identify security flaws in modern web applications. It covers penetration testing to DevSecOps and Source Code Review.

GRC Tech Stack Training​

Probably the most intangible layer when it comes to an organization’s information security framework. Learn tricks of the trade to transform the governance layer for your risk & compliance functions, having exposure to the leading GRC suite of products.​

Infrastructure Security Training

Securing the software layer is not quite enough. Learn industry proven methodologies, market leading technologies and best practices to identify, analyse & remediate vulnerabilities on the infrastructure that help the applications run.​

Information Security Training

Learn the way policies, standards and processes are crafted & implemented, the backbone of an information security function within an organization.

Why Cyberpwn

Enablement Approach


We work closely with the stakeholders to understand the exact need in terms of skill, number of resources, mode, and timelines.


Resources are assessed and right-fit resources are integrated with the client program.


Our training experts lay down a plan and road map to deliver the training.


Training program is rolled out and progress is tracked.


Customized and timebound training programs are curated and vetted with the stakeholders.