Application Security Assurance​

Businesses run on applications. Be it mobile or web or traditional desktop-based applications, each plays a key role in transforming the way business used to be done helping organizations achieve their strategic business objectives. But on the hind side, these crown jewels expose ways to access the organization’s resources, customer records, and all sorts of sensitive information. Should these be compromised, the impact on the organization will be detrimental from all aspects. Evolving business demands and customer expectations, the emergence of micro-services-based architecture, containerization, and cloud transformation, have given rise to a complex technological ecosystem for an application to be built and to operate.

This technological evolution increased the attack surface for the applications. But the need to deliver products at lightning speed often puts security on the back burner and most of the time the security checks required for the application to have the minimum level of assurance remain incomplete and inadequate. Cyberpwn’s “Application Security Assurance” service, takes a holistic approach to fix this issue not just by shifting left, but by starting left. Our Application Security Assessment offering is comprehensive and has full spectrum coverage of the technological landscape within which an application is built and operated.

What We Offer

Security Engineering​

With the rise in demand for complex applications and digitization of information, it is very difficult to balance security & user experience at the same time. With our years of experience, we help our customers develop applications securely at every stage of development, without having to compromise on user experience and agility.
DevSecOps is relatively a new domain and it aims to secure the DevOps framework while maintaining its velocity by making security everyone’s responsibilities. It integrates security seamlessly into existing CI/CD practice. Our DevSecops service follows the “Start Left” principle and ensures security checks are embedded at each stage of the DevOps lifecycle. We can help you identify the right set of DevSecops toolchain for SCA (Source Code Composition Analysis), SAST (Static Application Security Testing), DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing), Container Security and also get the products integrated into the DevOps lifecycle, followed by operational support to refine baselines. Or our involvement could be earlier to help you strategies and prepare for your DevSecops transformational journey.


Penetration Testing

Due to the complex environment, the pressure of compliance requirements, and the “zero-day” threats knocking on the door every now and then, Vulerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) has become an indispensable service for organizations. With over years of carefully polished security test execution and threat modelling methodologies, our penetration testing services reduce software risk with results that you can trust. Our consultative penetration testing services cover web applications and network devices. Having an in-depth approach, that goes beyond normal security scans, ensures that findings are accurate and risk prioritized with minimal false positives. Our team is capable of detecting the full spectrum of vulerabilities in both commercial and in-house applications across a range of operating systems and web application platforms.





Source Code Review

Secure code review is a process of manual and automated review of an application’s source code with a motive to identify security-related weaknesses in the code. Our experts use both the techniques to find and validate the vulerabilities in business logic and design, with zero false positives.

 Vulerability Management

Managing vulerabilities at an enterprise scale can be an uphill task. Regulatory mandates are making this task even more daunting. Our risk-centric Vulerability Management program can help you run your operations in a factory model, right from identification of vulerabilities to their remediation.

Mobile Security

Our mobile application penetration testing methodology covers both manual and automated assessments of mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows. The focus shifts from traditional application security, where the primary threat is from multiple sources over the Internet. The key difference is in the client-side security, filesystem, hardware, and network security. Traditionally for mobile applications, the end-user is in control of the device. Mobile app testing requires deep expertise, and it can’t be treated like any other web application.
Cyberpwn has developed its own framework for Mobile Application testing which covers OWASP top 10, CWE 25, reverse engineering, static code analysis, privilege escalation. application design flaws.

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