Cyber Education

Today the industry is fighting a two-front war. One, with the emerging and sophisticated cyber threats and another one with the widening up of “cyber skill gap” and severe resource crunch to deal with the adversaries. While technologies are being developed at a very fast pace to mitigate cyber threats, the number of resources required to operate on such technologies with relevant domain experience and expertise is not quite enough. Organizations go through a lot of hassle to get their cyber warriors up on their feet by spending a fortune on building training programs and platforms. But many fail to solve this demand vs supply equation.

Cyberpwn has realized the turmoil, the industry is going through and devised a unique “Industry Enablement Program”, not just to help experienced personnel get up-skilled but to prepare industry entrants on cutting edge cyber technologies, domains and processes, that are very much needed for an organization to defend, offend and become cyber resilient. Our “Cyber Education ” service covers most of the areas of cyber security and has a very modular and customizable approach to suit specific and generic needs of this industry. And most importantly, it ensures industry readiness of the resources with a very quick turnaround time. An enablement program, the way you need it and when you need it.

What We Offer

Product Security Training

This training program focuses on development and enhancement of skills required to identify security flaws in modern web applications. It covers penetration testing to DevSecOps and Source Code Review.

GRC Tech Stack Training​

Probably the most intangible layer when it comes to an organization’s information security framework. Learn tricks of the trade to transform the governance layer for your risk & compliance functions, having exposure to the leading GRC suite of products.​

Infrastructure Security Training

Securing the software layer is not quite enough. Learn industry proven methodologies, market leading technologies and best practices to identify, analyse & remediate vulnerabilities on the infrastructure that help the applications run.​

Information Security Training

Learn the way policies, standards and processes are crafted & implemented, the backbone of an information security function within an organization.

Why Cyberpwn

Enablement Approach


We work closely with the stakeholders to understand the exact need in terms of skill, number of resources, mode, and timelines.


Resources are assessed and right-fit resources are integrated with the client program.


Our training experts lay down a plan and road map to deliver the training.


Training program is rolled out and progress is tracked.


Customized and timebound training programs are curated and vetted with the stakeholders.