Cyber Resilience

Digital transformation is happening at an unthinkable speed. Unprecedented times have led to new ways of working and given rise to heavy usage of teaming and collaboration platforms. Outsourcing services is happening at scale. The industry as we know it is going through an evolution. It’s a great opportunity for the industry to experience growth, but growth creates avenues for risks & threats. For the industry to remain on the growth trajectory, it has to be backed by a robust cyber resilience strategy, which ensures that the industry sustains negligible damage and gets back on its feet every time there is an impact. 

A constantly evolving business needs its cyber resilience strategy to run hand in hand and evolve along with it. We cannot have a next-gen business backed by aging cyber security programs. Our “Cyber Resilience” services, help you become more cyber resilient in this complex and evolving environment. We not only help you get prepared for cyber incidents and attacks through our SOC (Security Operations Centre) Consulting and IMR (Incident Management and Response) services, we also help you proactively identify gaps in your enterprise architecture and gain actionable intelligence with our Red Teaming, Social Engineering, and Threat Management services.

What We Offer

Red Teaming​

Cyberpwn’s “Red Teaming” service is carried out by highly skilful resources with a deep drive approach using proprietary algorithms and multi-blended real-world attack simulations. Our custom-made exploit codes and usage of innovative technique and technologies, helps organizations to find the most severe vulnerability in their assets. Our high-quality tailored approach helps customers to be more resilient to any future malicious attacks.

01Know the effectiveness of your security controls

02Understand the level of business risk/impact

03Train and prepare your internal team for any future attacks

04Identify the most critical vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them

05Mitigate your risk while minimizing your investments to build a solid security posture

Threat Management​

Our Threat Management methodology and threat hunting experts will help you identify pervasive threats proactively and respond with accuracy and efficiency. Our experts, help you reduce the noise of Threat Intelligence platforms and draw meaningful and actionable intelligence out to suit your needs. Our holistic approach, helps you reap maximum benefit out of threat intelligence, gain insight into the root cause of the incident, and hunt before being hunted. Talk to our experts and discover the steps to launch threat hunting capabilities.

Incident Management & Response​

SIEM has been at the forefront of cyber security for any organization. An industry-proven technology to manage incidents, gain insight into activities, and monitor behaviour anomalies. It forms the core of a SOC (Security Operations Centre) setup and the overall cyber incident management framework. Our “Incident Management and Response” service not only helps you set up your SIEM product from the ground up, but we also help you define and lay down processes to deal with cyber incidents throughout its life cycle. We go a step beyond and help you manage administrative functions of your SIEM platform, such as device integration, custom parser development, rule enhancement.

X-Gen SOC Consulting / SOAR Services

Implementation of SIEM, other security tools, and setting up a SOC are old-school techniques. Modern-day cyber attacks require a more efficient and automated way to deal with incidents. Organizations are working very hard towards reducing MTD (Mean Time to Detect) and MTR (Mean Time to Respond), by minimizing manual tasks and bringing in automation. SOAR helps eliminate slio in security operations and brings in collaboration and efficiency. Our “X-Gen SOC consulting” services, help you realign your priorities and transform the way traditional SOC used to function. We bring in the right set of people, processes, and products to bring in singularity in your SOC operations.

Social Engineering

Phishing, Spear-Phishing, Whaling, C-Level frauds, pretexting calls, and social engineering attacks are on the rise and continuously targeting the users of the organization to open the door. Attackers employ social engineering tactics to steal intellectual property, personal information, and other sensitive data like passwords, bank account details that can harm an organization’s reputation, revenue lost, legal action. Try out our customized real-life phishing exercises designed around your organization.

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