Application Security Assurance


Secure by Design

With the rise in demand of applications and digitization of data, it is very difficult to balance security & user experience at the same time. With our years of experience, we help our customers to develop applications securely at every stage of development while maintaining the immersive online customer experience intact.



DevSecOps is relatively a new term in SDLC to create Secure DevOps while maintaining its velocity by making security everyone’s responsibilities. It tightly integrates security seamlessly into existing CI/CD practice. It helps industries to reduce the cost of finding and fixing vulnerabilities early in the process. It not only makes the software robust, secure but also helps release faster.

Secure Code Review

Secure code review is a process of manual and automated review of an application’s source code with a motive to identify security-related weaknesses in the code. Our experts use automated and manual techniques to find and validate the vulnerabilities with zero false positives, business logic flaws, design flaws

Pentesting Services

With over years of carefully polished security test execution and threat modelling methodologies, our penetration testing reduces software risk with results that you can trust.

Processor security

In-depth Security testing that goes beyond normal security scans


Vulnerabilities rating based on business risk, impact analysis


Risk Prioritization


Accuracy of vulnerabilities findings, Zero false positives


Practical and need-based approach on test cases execution


Consultative pentest services

Types of Tests we do

Network Penetration Testing ( OS, DB, Firewall, Switches, Routers, Wi-Fi, Services on Cloud etc)

Web Application Pen testing ( OWASP, Cross-site scripting attacks and SQL injection attacks, Session management,
authentication and authorization, including cookie tampering, Web Server Configuration issues)

Mobile Application Security Testing


The mobile application penetration testing methodology is typically based on
the application security methodology. The focus shifts from traditional
application security, where the primary threat is from multiple sources over
the Internet. The key difference is in the client-side security, filesystem,
hardware, and network security. Traditionally for mobile applications, an enduser is in control of the device. Mobile app testing requires deep expertise, and
it can’t be treated like any other web application.

Cyberpwn has developed its own framework for Mobile Application testing which covers OWASP top 10, CWE 25, reverse engineering, static code analysis, privilege escalation. application design flaws.

IT / OT Security Testing

Operational Technologies and IT systems are getting converged for better operational efficacy, leaves behind a void in
understanding and identifying the assets. It’s always an ignorant area by organizations while considering the overall security measures because of its complex nature. It’s important to have enterprise-wide visibility for better security control.

We not only help customers to identify the vulnerabilities in OT but also help in pinpointing the vulnerabilities, risk mitigation,asset tracking and configuration review.


Application Security Training


This introductory course will provide you with an overview of the fundamentals of Penetration Testing; and how to hack the most commonly known infrastructure and web applications. Our training is more designed towards individual capabilities, and more from industry need prospective.