Cyber Transformation

The industry is going through an era of digital transformation. Every day, new technologies are being adopted, an enormous amount of information is being processed, new partners are being onboarded, new ways of working are being devised, and so on. While the industry is experiencing new ways of doing business, it calls for maintaining a balance between opportunity and risk.

An organization must make proactive and risk-aware business decisions to stay ahead of the curve and enable growth. Cyberpwn’s “Cyber Transformation” services can help you become more risk aware by transforming your information security programs. We help you address your risk and compliance needs in a more efficient and effective way.

What We Offer

Digital Identity Governance

Businesses are growing and crossing geographical boundaries. This expansion results in exponential growth in terms of employees, gig-workers, service providers and so on. And this demands for seamless access to the resources without having to compromise the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) triad of any information or data that is being accessed. Authentication and authorization could be a tricky affair to deal with and could be overwhelming to manage the lifecycle of digital identities across thousands of assets. Management of Digital Identities must be well thought out and based on a scalable framework, ensuring access to the resources is secured. Our “Digital Identify Governance” service follows the “Zero Trust” approach and helps organizations transform their identity and access management program. This mechanism allows an authorized individual to access what he or she is entitled to access and when he or she needs to access.

Advisory & Risk Transformation​

We understand that businesses differ, so are the risk and compliance needs. Not having a robust risk management and governance framework often results in ineffective assessments, unreliable risk, and compliance posture reporting, non-harmonized risk communication across departments. Our Advisory and Risk Transformation service puts the business at the centre, while helping you derive, define and operationalize cyber risk management programs. Our domain experts have extensive experience in designing security frameworks having alignment with industry standards, region, and industry-specific regulations. With Strong technology experts backed by efficient functional SMEs, Cyberpwn offers a closed-loop approach to develop cyber risk management programs at scale.

01 Framework Maturity Assessment

02 Strategy and Program development

03 2nd Line of Defence Services

04 Technology Audit

05 Cyber Ops Support

GRC Technology Transformation

Increasing compliance mandates, technological complexities, and cultural diversification demand for a unified view of risk posture across the board. Organizations can no longer afford to have a siloed approach to this problem statement and expect it to be sustainable, self-reliant, and a budgeted affair. And this calls for a pragmatic approach for managing enterprise risk and being compliant with industry regulations. Therein lies the need for a holistic GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance framework). A robust GRC framework helps CIOs and CISOs strike a balance between protection and governance. But the dilemma often is the outcome of 3 problem vectors – Vendor Selection, Product Selection, and Budget. On one hand, the organizations struggle to select the right vendor to design and implement their GRC solution, and failure to do so leads to the failure of the entire GRC program. On another hand, the organizations come under tremendous pressure to implement GRC programs under a limited budget, and getting the right combination of an implementation partner and a product becomes a daunting task. Our “GRC Technology Transformation” service helps you transform your 3 LoDs (Lines of Defence) by bringing in a cultural shift within the organization and in the traditional way of managing risk and compliance.

01 GRC Advisory

02 Technology & Transformation

03Custom Integration

04 Managed Service

GRC Technology Transformation Methodology